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Oooff! I've forgotten how much i dislike eggnog.  I've spent the week gorging away and i can see progress.  But 1st lets get those juicy stats for all of you number freaks.  Height 5'8" ; weight 179.2lbs.  That's a nice gain of 5.4lbs. this week or .77lbs. a day.  If I can keep that up I will weigh 191.5lbs. by  Xmas and 196.89 by New Years.  I would like to crack the 200lb. mark by then.  That would be so sweet.

Neck 15" ; upper arm 9.5" ; upper chest 39.5" ; breast (moobs, whatever) 48" ; lower chest 41" ; upper belly 46" ; mid belly 49" ; lower belly 50.25" ; hip 36" ; thigh 26".  My hip to waist ratio is 1:1.39 . My bmi is 27.21 (overweight) and according to this body fat calculator I found on the web I have a body fat percentage of 54.97% (OBESE!).  I should go to a gym or (horrors) a doctor to get an accurate body fat percentage but I am pretty flabby.  My goals?  Well short term is to cross the 220lb. mark by New Years.  Long term I would like to have a 136" + waist.  That would make me twice as round as I am tall.  A bmi of over 50 and a hip to waist ratio of 2.  I have no upper weight limit in mind except to get as big as I can possibly get.  Pics. soon to follow (as soon as I can figure out (yes, I'm a computer  moron) how to post them.

Fat ward, ever fat ward.  

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Posted on 10:13AM on Dec 10th, 2012
It sounds like you're ready to roll! Enjoy getting rounder and fuller! If you don't like eggnog, make a shake with a flavor of ice cream that you really like. --HXTP
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